Spring Avocado Cracker Snacks

spring avocado crackers

Radish and butter make for a classic combination, but radish plus extra-virgin coconut oil and avocado equals total buttery, plant-based, creamy, crunchy bliss.  Feel free to use any cracker you like here, though I prefer something savory and hearty like these seedy gluten-free ones from Mary’s Gone Crackers.  These would also make great party hors d’oeuvres (as long as you use crackers substantial enough to handle sitting around).  After all, spring produce is something to celebrate.

Extra-virgin coconut oil (solid)
Ripe avocado
Radishes, sliced into thin rounds
Pea shoots (or microgreens, fresh herbs, etc.), cut to fit
Sea salt

On each cracker, spread a bit of coconut oil and then ripe avocado.  Season with salt, add a radish slice, and top with pea shoot.


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